SOC123-Spranng Break Mini Episode


The SB team have been busy giving you new episodes each week over the course the academic year, but as most of you are well aware… SPRING BREAK IS HERE! And we need a break. So, this week will be a mini episode where we give some recommendations on sociological WATCHING for you to do while we’re on vacation for a couple weeks. (Still read books though!) We will be back on April 4th, so we won’t be gone for too long. Also– don’t forget to do our survey on our website and we’ll send you some Social Breakdown gear .


  1. Penn’s Recommendation
    1. Mind Hunter
    2. The People vs. OJ
  2. Omar’s Recommendation
    1. Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee)
    2. Mad Men (also on Netflix)
  3. Ellen’s Recommendation
    1. Black Mirror

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