SOC305 – Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination (pt. 1): “Can I call you ‘Mulan’?”


Stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination– all words we use interchangeably, and consequently, words we sometimes use incorrectly! This week’s show is the first episode of a two-part series where we untangle these three concepts from each other, and get a better sense of when prejudice turns into discrimination. Tune in to learn more, and don’t forget to get us a rating when you’ve got a little time on your hands. Mahalo!


Bias, discrimination, prejudice, racism, stereotypes


  1. We used Elliot Aronson’s fantastic book The Social Animal this episode.
  2. Some quick definitions from Aronson’s book:
    1. Stereotypes: “To assign identical characteristics to any person in a group, regardless of the actual variation among members of that group.” (pg. 244)
    2. Prejudice:  “A hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group based on generalizations derived from faulty or incomplete information.”
    3. Discrimination: Unfair treatment of members of a stigmatized group that denies a member their rights.
  3. Headsets used to speak to other players in the online gaming world is a portal to hell (at least according to Ellen)! Read about it here in this Washington Post article, “Racism, Misogyny, and Death Threats: Why Can’t the Booming Video Game-Industry Curb Toxicity?”
  4. Ahhh, so Awkwafina was in the second Jumanji installment. That explains things…
  5. Ellen said, “Chinese Expulsion Act” but she should’ve said, “Chinese Exclusion Act.” Whoopsie! 
  6. Math Looks The Same In The Brains Of Boys And Girls, Study Finds
  7. In case you were wondering, Bon Appetite Magazine is on the other side of the Goldfish vs. Cheez-Its debate!

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