SOC403 – Empathy: “It’s more than a feeling”


Many people have heard the phrase, “take a walk in my shoes,” but what does this really mean? Is it possible to understand what someone is going through without sharing the same experiences? The answers to these questions may seem obvious, but it’s more complicated than you think! So this week, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of distinguishing empathy from sympathy, and defining the two. As the world is facing unprecedented times and world leaders are contracting COVID-19, perhaps a little bit of empathy is important… or is it not? Join us for another fun dip in social psychology and emotions!


Empathy, sympathy, sociology of emotions, social psychology, COVID-19


  1. Check out Jamil Zaki and Kevin Ochsner’s chapter on empathy in Barrett et al.’s “Handbook of Emotions”
  2. Our hearts go out to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend over their recent miscarriage.
  3. Experts have pinpointed Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination event as the “super spreader” event that caused many White House officials to contract the virus.
    1. A New York Times article on how Trump is the leading cause of COVID-19 misinformation
  4. Three types of empathy… a short guide
  5. Has Trump learned anything from COVID-19? Absolutely not
  6. Some people do not think the President is being “empathetic”
  7. America Has A Super Spreader President 
  8. A fun article on the etiquette of Zoom.

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