SOC407: Deinstitutionalization and Politics (Guest Edition with Jacquie Esser)


The Social Breakdown Team has been busy the last several weeks and we were able to get a guest interview with Hawai’i Deputy Public Defender Jacquie Esser. Esser recently ran for State Prosecutor and continues to be a key player in the struggle to bring fundamental change to the criminal legal system in Hawai’i and throughout the nation. As we head into the final moments of one of the most important presidential elections in recent memory, the stakes could not be higher in understanding the future impacts of deinstitutionalization, police, and criminalization in U.S. society.


Politics, deinstutionalization, criminal justice, mass incarceration, police, criminalization


  1. Follow Jacquie Esser online!
  2. Deinstitutionalization Explained (Brief Overview)
  3. Deinstitutionalization and Jails in Hawaii 
  4. Alternatives to American Jails and Prisons?: North Dakota and the Experiment in Norway
  5. What is LEAD? See what your state is up to…
  6. CAHOOTS the Crisis Assistance Program
  7. Jacquie Esser refers to “OHA” which is the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, a public agency in Hawaii. OHA is responsible for “improving the well-being of Native Hawaiians.”

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