SOC409 – PhD’s Guide to Getting a Non-Academic Job


Are you a newly minted or almost PhD graduate? Have academic job prospects been stressing you out? Look no further – we may have the solution for you! The academic job market isn’t looking too hot right now, so here we are with a PhD’s Guide to getting a non-academic job! We draw from our personal experiences of navigating the non-academic job market and give you all the practical deets on what search terms to use, what job sites to scour, how to revamp your CV into a resume that’s not 15 pages long, and much more!! Tune in to see if there’s a non-academic job in your future!


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  1. The depressing reality of the current Sociology academic job market
  2. Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time (The Economist)
  3. The Ph.D.’s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job Search (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  4. What Can I Do With a Ph.D. in My Discipline Outside Academe? (Inside Higher Ed)
  5. Word searches to use:

Evaluation researcher
Evaluation research/analyst
Project manager
Principle investigator
Research and evaluation manager
Social scientist
Social science researcher
UX research
Consumer research
Grant writer

  1. Job sites we like:
  2. Eye tracking study shows recruiters look at resumes for 7 seconds (HR Dive)
  3. PhD transferable skills (University of Michigan)
  4. PhD Transferable Skills (Michigan State University)
  5. 9 Skills PhDs Have That Others Don’t (LinkedIn)
  6. Get your face on a mask
  7. Where to Buy Clear Face Masks With Windows for Lip Reading
  8. Quibi Is Shutting Down Barely Six Months After Going Live

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