SOC506 – Rolling with the Queen: Patricia Hill Collins & Black Feminist Thought


We go deep into higher level theory with Black Feminist Thought (BFT as we like to call it) as presented by the one and only Dr. Patricia Hill Collins. We discuss the history of the Frankfurt school of thought and the genesis of Dr. Collins’ own ‘critical social theory.’ Her theory is steeped in American culture, history, and law, as she works to understand the experiences of Black American women. From standpoint epistemology to matrix of domination, we’ll break it all down for you so you’ll be ready to learn more!


Black Feminist Thought, Critical Theory, Critical Social Theory


  1. SOC205 – The Matrices of Oppression: An Introduction to Intersectionality
  2. Patricia Hill Collins’ profile at University of Maryland
  3. A new perspective with Patricia Hill Collins, 100th president of the American Sociological Association
  4. Check out some of Patricia Hill Collins’ most notable work!
  5. The Magic School Bus
  6. William Shatner boldly went into space for real. Here’s what he saw (NPR)
  7. All the Fallout From Dave Chappelle’s Controversial New Special (The Cut)
  8. Unemployment rate drops to 5.2 percent in August 2021 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  9. This Should Be a Boom Time for Restaurants. But Owners—and the Few Workers Remaining—Are Struggling (Time)
  10. The labor shortage is actually 3 mismatches between workers and employers (Business Insider)

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