SOC513 – Visual Sociology (Guest Edition)


In a world with rapid changes to technology from the advent of photography to camera phones to social media and the Mark Zuckerberg’s “metaverse,” there has also been an emergence of other ways of revealing aspects of our world. One is Visual Sociology. Please join us for our conversation with the media scholar and sociologist Dr. Patricia Prieto-Blanco, whose work uses photography and visual analysis to find meaning among diasporas and migrant communities and families. How can sociologists use images they find and create to learn more about our social world? Tune in for this fun conversation!


Research methods, visual sociology, photography, audiovisual


  • Follow Patricia here:
    • Twitter
    • Blog, which has some great primer posts on visual sociology:
      • Blogpost on visual sociology and social inquiry 
      • Blogpost on “What We See vs. What Is There
  • Patricia mentioned the Spanish gag law on taking photos of police. Here’s an article about it.
  • Think you have work in visual sociology that you want to submit for an award? 
    • Contexts publishes photo essays!
    • Apply for the Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize!
    • And check these IVSA awards out! Here’s a quick excerpt about the award: 
      • Rieger Award Program for outstanding work by graduate students in visual sociology, the Prosser Award Program for outstanding work by beginning scholars in visual methodologies, and the Anticolonialism & Antiracism (ACAR) Award Program for outstanding work by researchers and activists who use visual methodologies or advance visual activism through their work

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