SOC306 – Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination (pt. 2): “I don’t see color”


Andddd we’re back with part two of our series on stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination! In this episode we take a close look at institutional discrimination. First, we explore the sociological concept of the ‘institution’. Next, we look at how discrimination can plague an institution, and why it is that sometimes we don’t even know that we’re participants in this type of biased behavior. We end the episode with some ways that we faulty human beings can reduce and prevent discrimination. Tune in here to learn more, and don’t forget to subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts!


Prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes, racism, institutions


  • During quick breaks, Omar was asked about Grammarly. FYI we’re not sponsored by them (or anyone for that matter).
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