Breakaway Episode 7 – Monster Artists: When something you love is created by a monster


It’s just Omar and Penn this week but we tackle an interesting dilemma that has come into the spotlight in the wake of the #MeToo movement – what are we supposed to do when we find out that the art we love was created by monster artists? From Johnny Depp to Michael Jackson to Louis CK, we discuss the various ways in which we can deal with this dilemma. As consumers, what is our responsibility to deal with these monster artists, and is that even the right question to ask? Read the Vox article we discuss before listening to the episode so you can follow along!


artists, art, consumerism, consumption, #metoo, social movements, social justice


  1. The Vox article that we base our episode on – What do we do when the art we love was created by a monster? By Constance Grady (2018)

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