SOC503 – Social Problems and Social Causes: We have an episode on it


The gang is back! We tackle a foundational topic in sociology: social problems! Social problems relate to numerous other concepts that we’ve discussed – inequality, stratification, the social construction of reality, and all the “-isms.” Social problems are social in their causes, consequences, and solutions and though, social problems are often discussed at the macro societal level, its symptoms often manifest in everyday micro life. Join us as we talk through some big hit social problems – COVID-19, unemployment, crime and deviance, education, racism, ageism, and more!


Social problems, inequality, stratification, theory


  1. The Social Construction of Reality by Berger and Luckmann (1966)
  2. We have an episode on it!
    1. SOC215 – Social Stratification, Capitalism, and Inequality: All the Sad Things
    2. SOC307 – The Social Construction of Rock n’ Roll
    3. SOC208 – Left Handed Devils: The Social Construction of Deviance
    4. SOC315 – The Political Spectacle: Symbols in Politics
    5. SOC207 – Three Schools of Thought: Conflict Theory, Structural Functionalism, and Symbolic Interactionism
  3. OnlyFans Reverses Its Decision to Ban Explicit Content
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