SOC311 – Intro to Popular Culture: “It’s all about popular”


We’re getting light-hearted in these crazy times and introducing you to the sociology of pop culture! In this episode, we use Dr. David Grazian’s work to explore what popular culture is and how it’s different from high culture. Then we make sense of culture’s role in globalization, and show how pop cultural products– like sitcoms, Taylor Swift songs, and anime– can act as forms of soft power. Tune in here to hear Penn and Omar nerd out on the intricacies of Naruto and Studio Ghibli, and to understand just how powerful and important pop culture is to our society!


Mahalo nui loa to Laura Kerr for helping us transcribe this episode! We heart you! Read the full episode here.


Popular culture, society, music, entertainment, globalization, soft power, anime


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