SOC510 – Mail Order Brides and Romance Tourism (Guest Edition)


Hooked on shows like TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” or “90 Days the Other Way”? Well, this episode is for you! Dr. Julia Meszaros from Texas A&M Commerce joins us to discuss her research on the romance tourism business, more commonly known as the “mail order bride” industry. She describes the social, economic, and class-based forces that push women and men to engage in this industry. Tune in to learn more! 


Romance tourism, tourism, international dating, mail order brides


  • Find and follow Dr. Julia Meszaros here:
  • Dr. Meszaros studied A Foreign Affair, an international dating business.
  • Check out our other episode about the sociology of tourism with Dr. Marta Soligo here.
  • Julia mentioned Dr. Monica Liu’s studies surrounding romance tourism in China. Learn more about Dr. Liu here! Some articles you may like include:
    • Liu, M. (2015). Surrogate dating and the translation of gendered meanings across borders: The case of China’s E-mail-order brides. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 41(1), 29-53.
    • Liu, M. (2019). “Seeking Western Men: Divergent Trajectories of China’s “Email-Order Brides”.” Qualitative Sociology 42.3: 431-453.
    • Liu, M. (2019). Devoted, caring, and home loving: A Chinese portrayal of western masculinity in transnational cyberspace romance. Men and Masculinities, 22(2), 317-337.
  • TLC’s many shows on romance tourism can be found here. Prepared to be sucked in!
  • Check out a few of Julia’s many articles here:
  • She also mentioned the following sources:
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