SOC514 – The Senses of Stuffs: Introduction to Material Culture


Stuffs! We’ve all got ‘em, and we all like to accumulate them– unless you’re Ellen. This week, we’re exploring how sociology makes sense of our material culture. What is the relationship people hold with the tangible objects we collect? What meaning do we attach to these items? And why is it that Penn cares so much about her Washi Tape collection and Omar licks his shoes?! Tune in here to learn more about stuffs and where the state of stuffs is going as the world becomes digitalized and we begin to interact with virtual objects more and more.


Material Culture, Collections, Senses, Symbolic Interactionism


Big mahalos to Kaiya Hamilton for helping us transcribe this episode! You can find it here.


Can you decode Stephen Hawking’s blackboard doodles?

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